My unique blend of performing and visual arts experience has allowed me to easily connect with people in a variety of ways. I approach all aspects of my life with positivity, and I believe that companies, and especially people, must continually evolve. It is exciting to adapt, adjust, learn, and seek to be better!

In 1988, I started designing and space planning commercial office interiors with SMED Manufacturing. Then, I took to the stage as a singer and dancer for more than a decade, and performed in regional theatre companies, touring companies, and on cruise lines. When I settled down in Calgary in 2000, I landed a job leading a team of talented interior designers at Shane Homes Ltd. I’ve always naturally built strong relationships with people, and I foster a positive environment. I have always strived to create the best customer experience in the design industry.

In 2016, I made an exciting move to the custom homebuilding sector and was a Client Liaison with Trickle Creek Custom Homes. There are unlimited possibilities when building a custom home! My role was to listen to clients, design, customize, and present them with their perfect exterior and interior package, tailored to their lifestyle, design aesthetic, and budget. Our clients relied on my design expertise to build their dream home.

staged. was founded in 2016, and is built on the proven fact that a well-staged home sells faster and for more money than an unstaged home. Staging a home takes experience, skill and vision – it is not enough to put a sofa in the living room and a bed in the bedroom. Furniture, art, and decor need to tell the story of the space, the environment, and the people.

I love creating breathtaking interiors and I have a passion for bringing my clients’ visions to life.

Your home should be your sanctuary, and a safe haven. It should evoke a sense of peace, well-being, and pride. Beautiful design is in the details!

Kal Macdonald
Founder of staged.