3 Quick tips when Listing your Home!

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Spring is finally upon us and with it comes the busiest season of the year for Home Sales. Even though we are not yet out of the Pandemic woods, the Real Estate Market is heating up.

Here are 3 quick tips to ensure your Property stands out, and gets SOLD.

1) Cleanliness:

We can’t stress enough how much Cleanliness will affect a prospective Buyer’s overall feelings about your Property. A DEEP Clean is a must. Hire a Cleaning Service if you can. Clean behind fridges, stoves, washers and dryers. Windows should SHINE! Take care of all those Maintenance projects that have been on your list. Put a few Air Freshener plugins in your home. We love LEMON fragrance…. clean and fresh!

2) Declutter and Depersonalize:

Decluttering in SO important. Most homes we see have TOO MUCH decor, furniture and personal items about. Leave room in your home for the Buyer’s imagination. Get a headstart on packing now and pack away all personal items (including photos of your family, grad, wedding, etc) and excess knick-knacks. Lighten up bookshelves and bookcases by packing away about 50% of what’s there. Let your spaces BREATHE!

3) Function and Purpose:

Each space should have a clearly defined purpose. Many homes these days have what is referred to on the Plans as “Flex Room”. It can be a TV Room, a Study, a Craft Room, a Home Gym…… but decide how you want it to present. No catch-all rooms, please. Buyers should not have a vague feeling about the home.

These are our top 3 tips. Getting your home ready for Listing is a big job, but the results will amaze you! And if you are overwhelmed by it all, call us! We can help!