How We Craft An Identity When Staging Homes in Calgary

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Right as COVID hit we were hired by Strategic Group to do a full staging in Calgary. As stores closed their doors we were faced with some giant hurdles. We had the keys to two empty suites, a builder expecting brand new furniture, a quickly approaching timeline, and no stores open to buy furniture to stage with. We certainly had our hands full, but we were not about to let that stop us from designing the most beautifully staged listings.

When staging in Calgary we need to consider what neighbourhood the home is located in, the listing price, the nearby amenities, and the vision of the Realtor, builder or homeowner. From here the staged. team begins to implement a design strategy. We start our process by selecting an identity for the home that speaks to the target market. From here we analyze the floor-plan of the home and plan out the most functional and streamlined layout. 

Staging requires an equal combination of design aesthetics and psychology. The home needs to speak to a broad group of buyers but also create a lasting, stand-out impression. Every piece of furniture needs to be placed in a way that effortlessly guides the buyer through the home showing them how each room will be utilized. Too much empty space can lead a mind to wander pulling the buyer away from the emotional experience of living in the home. Strategically placed decor works alongside the furniture acting as subtle cues to direct the eye to highlight features of the home.

Armed with a decent budget and a plan we hopped online to order all of the essential furniture for our show home staging in Calgary. We knew that COVID would cause delays, especially on our larger shipments, leaving us no time to wait. Our favoured stores to pick up decor don’t offer online shopping so we were put through the ultimate design challenge – shopping solely at hardware depots and in the home sections of grocery stores. These show suites were staged using Wayfair, Crate and Barrel, Perfect Home Furniture in Calgary, The Superstore, Walmart, Home Depot, Rona and Facebook Marketplace.

 In the end, we finished the stage before our deadline, even with a few pieces from Wayfair lagging behind. In order to follow social distancing guidelines, we had to avoid the elevators the builders were using which meant we had to carry all of our decor up to the fourth floor via the stairwell. It’s safe to say our bodies and our design skills got the ultimate workout on this home staging, but check out the results.

Staging Show Suite Two
The Upton 2-Bedroom

Located in bustling central Calgary our target market for the two-bedroom suite was an urban professional or an empty nester that wanted the proximity to all the nearby amenities. 

Our vision was to create a global-inspired style for this home. We imagined the homeowner as a world traveller that enjoys collecting pieces from their journeys. In creating this atmosphere we’re very vigilant that we maintain an aesthetic that’s both relatable and mature. The neutral design palette sets a beautiful stage for customization. We had the builder paint one wall for a subtle pop that compliments the decor highlights.

  • Living Room
  • Island Stools: Urban Barn
  • Area rug: Home Depot
  • Sofa: Perfect Home Furniture Calgary
  • Coffee Table: Perfect Home Furniture
  • TV: $140 Facebook Marketplace
  • Wall art: Perfect Home Furniture, Wayfair
  • Side Chair: Perfect Home Furniture
  • Decor: Perfect Home Furniture, Walmart, Superstore, staged. Inventory
  • Master Bedroom
  • Bed frame: Perfect Home Furniture
  • Wall Art: Wayfair
  • Book Shelf: Structube
  • Night Stand: Structube
  • Lamp: Wayfair
  • Bedding: Walmart
  • Decor: Walmart, Superstore, Home Depot, staged. Inventory
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Bed frame: Perfect Home Furniture
  • Night Stand: Structube
  • Wall Art: staged. Inventory
  • Dresser: Structube
  • Bedding: Walmart
  • Decor: Walmart, Rona, staged. Inventory

Suite Two
The Upton 1-Bedroom Show Suite

Our target market for the one-bedroom suite was a bachelor’s apartment for a young professional. Our vision was a polished and streamlined mid-century modern style relatable for both men and women. This style aesthetic pulls elements from the mid-’50s to the early ‘60s, but we took extra care to ensure the space looked clean and fresh rather than cluttered.

  • Main Living Area
  • Island Stools: Crate and Barrel
  • Sofa: Perfect Home Furniture in Calgary
  • TV $80: Facebook Marketplace
  • TV stand: Structube
  • Books in tv stand: The designer section of Fair is Fair bookstore. Books on the coffee table: Value Village
  • Wall art: Perfect Home Furniture
  • Rug: Structube
  • Coffee table: Perfect Home Furniture
  • Coffee table decor: Perfect Home Furniture
  • Side Chair: Perfect Home Furniture. This was the most expensive piece. Mixing in a few high-end pieces with more affordable items helps to create an elevated aesthetic without breaking the bank.
  • Entry Way
  • Bench: Wayfair
  • Wall art: Walmart

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